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Successful Sir Harry D. Butterfield scholars stand out as bright, talented and valuable community contributors
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The Sir Harry D. Butterfield Scholarship has long been the ‘cream of the crop’ for undergraduate bursaries in Bermuda. Offered annually by the Bank of N. T. Butterfield (BNTB), the generous award has funded tertiary education programmes for some of Bermuda’s most celebrated scholars. With over four decades of outstanding community service already achieved, the Butterfield Undergraduate Scholarship (BUS) has recently increased from an already chart topping $25,000, to an eye-opening $30,000.

Representing the Scholarship Selection Committee at BNTB, vice president, human resources Bermuda, Deneeka Crockwell, breaks down Bermuda’s best undergraduate offering:

“The Butterfield scholarship programme, together with our Graduate Talent Programme – and summer student internships – aims to empower young people to pursue their career aspirations in the financial services industry, and beyond. Offered every year since 1978, in honour of Butterfield’s late Chairman, Sir Harry D. Butterfield, the Bermuda scholarship is one we are particularly proud of, given its longevity. We wanted to ensure it maintained its appeal by increasing the financial reward, and it has been well-received by applicants. The scholarship now awards $30,000, and it is tenable for up to four years of academic study. The scholarship programme is testament to our continued commitment to support our local community and invest in its future.”

The BUS is designed for Bermudians. Applicants must be Bermudian, and have been educated in Bermuda for a period of no less than five years. This award is very much designed to give back to the Bermuda community by rewarding academic excellence with strong financial support for Bermuda’s top scholars.

There are no age restrictions for application, and there is no restriction on area of study, or discipline – as long as the candidate maintains a Grade Point Average of 3.0, or above. The Bank does not guarantee a successful candidate employment, but there are opportunities for internships, as outlined above,

Ms Crockwell expounded on the qualities the selection committee looks for in prospective candidates:

“The Butterfield Undergraduate Scholarship receives a number of worthy applications and, each year, it is an incredibly tough task to pick just one. The criteria for selection include academic excellence, community involvement and sporting attainments, financial need, and a candidate’s demonstrated ability to lead. If you look at our scholars, the majority of our successful candidates have stood out as bright and talented students who are also valuable contributors to our community.”

Of course, it always helps to be well-rounded when applying for scholarships. Things like extra-curricular pursuits, sporting activity, and community involvement will always look good on a scholarship application, as these represent positive interactions with the living environment and culture, which indicate that an applicant is an upstanding, productive citizen. Let’s face it, that is who all scholarship committees want to give their money to.

A scholarship is, after-all, an investment, and BNTB wants to make great investments.

“Butterfield is committed to supporting our local community and investing in its future. Our Scholarship provides financial assistance to outstanding students who are pursuing a first college or university degree on a full-time basis overseas,” said the Bank on bermudascholarships.com.

Ms Crockwell advised 2023 applicants – as well as future applicants – what the selection committee will be looking for:

“Getting a sense of everything a student has achieved and aspires to achieve in the future from just their resumé can be difficult. We want to understand who you are, and to have an appreciation for your story, so the more personality that shines through, in the transcripts, the application letter, and the interview, the better. We encourage eligible students to apply via the Bermuda Scholarships website before the deadline of Friday, 31 March, 2023.”

Personality is always important. Character is another ‘big rock’ for awards committees; so, build a strong character, and let it shine through when you are applying for financial awards or support.

Your application cover letter will be an ideal place to let your personality shine. This vital letter is described in the BUS requirements section on bermudascholarships.com:

“A written general submission which will include career intentions, details of involvement and recognition of honours obtained in sports, civic and extra-curricular activities; and why you should be awarded the Scholarship.”

Of course, the BUS requires applicants to be enrolled in a full-time academic programme at a fully accredited university. Proof of acceptance will be required for consideration, along with an applicant’s most recent academic transcripts, an academic letter of recommendation, a personal letter of recommendation, a letter from the college or university stating tuition costs, and a financial need form.

With tertiary tuition prices in 2023, most Bermudians would meet the requirement for financial need, but it is great to know that financial need will be used as a consideration in the selection process.

Finally, please always read the fine print when applying for scholarships. Here are some of the most important terms and conditions attached to the BUS:

“Scholarship funds are to be used toward the costs of tuition, materials, and room and board at the place of study. The expectation is that no more than a third of the funds will be allocated to materials and room and board. If tuition costs are less than two thirds of the award, the amount will be reduced to correct the distribution of funds.

“Recipients are required to provide the Committee with a written progress report and official transcripts after each academic term. The Committee reserves the right to withdraw the award at any time if the work or conduct of the recipient proves to be unsatisfactory.

“Applications will only be accepted via the Bermuda Scholarships website, and responsibility for the submission of required documents prior to the deadline rests entirely with the applicant. Butterfield will not follow up with applicants to obtain missing documentation.”

For further details, contact the Butterfield Scholarship Committee via email at [email protected].

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