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Loud and Clear: Dancehall reggae lover Nyon is ready to hit the water

The beauty of the ocean, the joy of family time and the thrill of loud music – this summer will have it all for Nyon Steede
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by Tim Smith

Mr Steede can’t wait for some Bermuda sunshine so that he can hit the water with his wife Sakina and 19-year-old son Jayce in their new 33½-foot Sea Ray 300 Sundancer Fuelish Pleasure. 

It’s been a long two years for all of us during the Covid-19 pandemic, and Mr Steede will be glad for the chance to unwind in style. 

“I’m looking forward to this summer, having the family out enjoying some fun on the water,” he said. 

“With the pandemic, everyone has been confined to their houses, but having a boat and getting on the water, you get a different perspective. 

“It’s a time to explore, see what’s around and where we can go and just anchoring up and enjoying a relaxing afternoon on the water.” 

But it won’t always be a tranquil experience – since buying the boat last October, dancehall reggae and jazz lover Mr Steede has rediscovered his fondness for noise. 

He recalled how, two decades ago, he fitted out his first car with powerful subwoofers with help from Antoine Place at Custom Acoustics. 

When he hired Mr Place to fit a stereo system on his new boat, he initially said his tastes had mellowed, adding: “I told him I didn’t buy that boat for loud music.” 

It didn’t take Mr Place long, however, to persuade him to upgrade to large subwoofers to get the most out of his bass. 

“Now I see that I still play my music loud even on the boat. If I want to turn it up, the system can handle it,” Mr Steede said. 

The ability to play music, as well as a new TV with a WiFi hotspot, ensure even teenager Jayce is tempted out of his bedroom to spend time with his parents. 

“Like most teenagers, he’s looking to be on the computer in his room, gaming. But when I say I’m going out on the boat, he’s keen to come,” Mr Steede said. 

“I think he’s now found something that’s enjoyable outside of just gaming in his room.” 

Mr Place said many music lovers have embarked on similar projects with their boats. 

“People have not been travelling as much as they used to, so they have the money and now they are going to fix up their boat,” he said. 

“Some people just want a simple media player and speakers and they are happy. Other people want to party. 

“WiFi hotspots enable people to watch TV now. People don’t have a need to come home at all. We find people stay out on the water more as a result.” 

Custom Acoustics stocks equipment from Fusion Marine Audio, JL Audio and Rockfort Fosgate Audio. 

“Gone are the days when you just put in simple CD stereos and a couple of speakers,” Mr Place said. 

“Now we have subwoofers, amplifiers and tower speakers, so even when they’re out swimming they can hear the music. You can download an app on to your phone and turn up the volume. 

“You can really create a party atmosphere that’s built into the boat. You don’t have to have big speakers or hire a DJ.” 

For those who like loud music but don’t have a boat, powered subwoofers for cars are also available from Custom Acoustics. 

Mr Place said they complement factory-installed stereo systems without taking up much space. 

“Most cars come will a decent sound system but the one thing that they lack is bass,” he said.

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