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Hyundai Kona Electric

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I’m not really a car person. For the most part I just really want to know can it get me from home to work and vice versa without breaking down. Basically, I prize functionality over bling. Don’t get me wrong though, I do have a healthy appreciation for an Aston Martin Spider just like most people. Although I think that may have less to do with the car and more that I’m totally James Bond in my own head and thus need James Bond toys. 

Having said all that, I do have a few preferences. Both of the cars that I have owned were Suzukis because I really like how they drive. Both were Class C because I really dislike being parted from my money. I’m not a huge fan of white, black or really any coloured cars besides grey… and silver, maybe? Although to be fair, that’s pretty much grey “from anotha motha”. Reigning theme here is, basically, I’m not overly adventurous when it comes to the family car. 

So when I was offered a chance to test drive a car, one that I don’t have to worry about figuring out how to afford, I totally jumped at the chance to go big. The Hyundai Kona is a Class F fully electric car. It’s not overly large by size but in terms of vroom vroom and va va voom, this car has it all. And it’s electric! You can enjoy all the perks with the added bit of smugness of being an eco-warrior. 

The Kona has the full complement of all the bells and whistles that you would expect. You know, like the rear camera so I can have an up-close view of that pole I just hit. Or the sunroof that provides my husband with the most perfectly round head sunburn. The sunglass holder, because hello, how is that not cool? It even has heated seats in the front AND the back as well as ventilated seats in the front. Not sure why but it’s still cool though (see what I did there?). And as a woman with the requisite cavernous purse, the keyless start is pretty much the best thing ever made. 

On to the electric stuff. Contrary to the belief I had, you only need to plug it in every couple of days but there’s no harm in doing it whenever. It does actually plug into the regular wall socket but that will make it charge a bit slower. Auto Solutions actually has a collab with BeSolar if you are interested in installing a plug specially for the car, cutting our fossil fuel electricity altogether. Unfortunately, you do still have to buy gas but it’s a fraction of the amount. 

The Kona is a zippy little car, that drives smoothly and quietly (like really quietly, I honestly thought it had turned off at times). It’s good for the environment, good for having that sense of superiority that we all like to have and as an added bonus, with this thing called the “re-directional charge”, your car can act as generator in a pinch. Best. Car. Ever. 

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