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Winter in Fashion

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How to Look Put Together in Unpredictable Weather 

By Robyn Bardgett 

Winter dressing in Bermuda can come with some challenges. While in the summer we know it’s going to be sweltering and therefore know how to dress appropriately for the heat and humidity, the winter weather can prove changeable. You can wake up in the morning to a damp chill requiring something a bit cozier, only to head out in the afternoon and find it’s too hot for the sweater or trousers you chose earlier in the day. 

That’s why layers are essential for this season. And rather than being bulky or adding too many elements to an outfit, there are many great ways to achieve this look and still come off pulled together. 

“The mornings and evenings are getting cool while the afternoons are still too warm,” said Rebecca Singleton, owner of TABS, who are well known for updating Bermuda’s iconic shorts, but also carry a range of other great brands including Johnnie-O and Holderness & Bourne. “Don’t pack away your Bermuda shorts just yet,” she added. 

Along with some of the traditional Bermuda colours, TABS introduces seasonal colours throughout the year, including Ginger Beer, Poinciana Red, Avocado Pear and Challenger Banks – a deep autumn sky blue, making it easy to pair them with a half-zip pullover or a jacket but still being appropriate for the time of year. 

All of the shorts’ colours are available in the company’s premium stretch cotton, so these are great for both casual and more formal affairs. 

This emphasis on comfort has been making its way through all apparel recently, with the need for stylish but comfortable attire for work from home situations but also easily moving back into the office when necessary. 

“Bermuda business is not fully back to work in person yet and social gatherings are still limited, so comfort is still king,” said Somers Cooper, general manager of the newly opened Waterfront Man that carries brands including Polo Ralph Lauren and Peter Millar. 

“New athleisure brands entering the spotlight have captured the growing market with ultra-soft and stretchy performance fabrics.” 

The trend for colours this season is definitely tending to the autumnal time of year. 

“Earth tones have been trending this year and it continues into fall with a focus on browns, reds, yellow and orange accents,” said Mr Cooper. “Plaids and checks are ‘in’ again and looser denim jeans are also trending.” 

Adding a jacket is a “key” element to “pulling together any winter look,” said Mrs Singleton, no matter whether you’re wearing, Bermuda shorts, jeans or trousers. 

But particularly ideal for Bermuda’s climate is the rise in popularity of a vest. “It keeps you warm but isn’t bulky. Perfect over a t-shirt, polo, dress shirt or even a sweater. It’s a wardrobe essential that pulls together any outfit,” she said. 

Along with layering with a jacket – particularly denim – a cardigan or a blazer is also a smart way to stay comfortable this time of year. These can easily be dressed up with a summer dress or skirt to help transition into this season of unpredictable weather. 

“The art of layering is key,” said Kristen Carreiro, owner of ModBlu Boutique. “Wear light fabrics with more coverage, invest in a denim jacket or neutral relaxed cardigan or blazer that can be layered over multiple pieces to take on and off as the temperature of the day fluctuates.” 

When it comes to getting on board with trends, it’s important to choose clothes that speak to you, and find essentials that are a great source to build from when purchasing new items. 

Having a white button down, a layering piece, such as the aforementioned denim jacket, cardigan or blazer, and a great pair of jeans is a good place to start. “Knowing you have these core items in your closet allows you to build outfits with any new purchase,” Mrs Carreiro said. 

Some of the trends that are easy to work into these staples include pops of colour and “elevated lounge.” Mrs Carreiro suggested a bold coloured sweater in a tone “that speaks to you,” and searching out a trouser that “is more relaxed than traditional work wear or a super soft sweater with an unexpected collar.” 

When it comes to athleisure trending, she said it’s important to “have something that pulls it together to take it from the studio to the streets.” 

“Take the base: leggings – choose ones that fit you well and avoid large logos on the lower part of the leg. For the top, choose one that gives a bit of coverage over our derriere such as a longer tunic style sweater, long button up shirt or layering a tank with a long cardigan. These are all items you can put over a sports bra and exercise top if you’re grabbing coffee or lunch with a friend after a work-out. 

“Footwear follows easily with a sneaker – and we love that the sneakers-with-everything trend is having major staying power – or a heeled ankle boot for dressier occasions.” 

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