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By Krystal McKenzie

Across Bermuda there are individuals, groups and businesses that are working to bolster public health, invigorate the economy and fight for social justice in our communities.

They operate online, in-person and through government initiatives, building and supporting like-minded communities with a simple focus – to make Bermuda better.


All are welcome to post and add anyone who may be interested in this fun and informative group. Members can offer tips or tricks, ask questions, showcase their farms/gardens and find the best places for local produce.

You can also post items to sell, give away or swap, including fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds, gardening supplies, etc. Small and large farmers and home gardeners alike spread the word on keeping Bermuda active, healthy, and well fed!


A chef by trade, Greg Wilson found opportunity in disaster and is now providing a way for Bermuda to be healthier by providing the plants of organic vegetables, flowers, and herbs at his pop-up at Church Bay on Saturdays from 10-2, or from his regular location in Southampton.

Mr Wilson practices regenerative gardening, after trying aquaponics, as he feels we’ve been destructive to our environment. In addition, he says most health issues could be resolved or prevented by simply taking proper care of ourselves and the earth.

To learn more about Mr Wilson and Food Forest, check out his Instagram feed @FoodForestBDA and see his videos on the Bermuda Farmers and Gardeners Facebook Group, or reach out on 707-2333 or [email protected].


With the intent of boosting the local economy in the wake of the Covid-19 economic downturn, the Bermuda Government instituted an Economic Stimulus Programme for small to medium-sized contractors to participate in improving Bermuda’s infrastructure. 

Also, through the apprenticeship training programme at the Department of Workforce Development, Bermudians can obtain the training and experience which are critical for developing Bermuda’s economic and social development. This training covers multiple sectors across a range of roles and offers potential opportunities for short-term and long-term employment.

Participants in this programme are already hard at work with the conversion of the former Community Education Programme office to a medical office presenting a great example!


Co-owners Edmond Johnson and MoNique Stevens want Bermuda to work together through Palmetto Jack! Their website explains they are an organisation that creates employment opportunities and encourages economic growth through local entrepreneurship by connecting local small and medium-sized enterprises to new business opportunities and patrons.

This platform works to address that issue by bringing visibility to local companies that Palmetto Jack has verified so that buyers, investors, and other stakeholders can more readily do business in markets where we operate. The platform also provides their business network with access to new markets and opportunities by collecting and sharing tenders on their tender page.


Focusing on personal and social growth, entrepreneurship and legacy building, Build a Brand Bermuda represents “The Evolution of Collaboration”. On both Facebook and Instagram (@buildabrandbermuda), the group share tips and tricks for health and wellness, and also highlights local brands. 


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