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By Vejay Steede

“Music is the Rod and we are Moses, leading God’s children to the Promised Land.”– GARNET SILK

Music, for many, is life. During times of uncommon hardship music can soothe the weary soul and give us strength to carry on. These, as you know, are times of uncommon hardship, and the strength to go on is decidedly vital right now. 

Under these circumstances, local DJs have become lifelines for many, ensuring that the airwaves remain open and alive with meticulous melody, sweet rhythm and life-affirming harmony. 

RG Mags caught up with three of the best young DJs doing it right now and here’s what they had to say: 

DJ Flava


Hott 107.5’s newest sensation goes by the name of DJ Flava. His government name is Malik Tuzo and he also represents Natural Movement Radio. DJ Flava can be heard Monday – Friday 7am-9am on the Hott Morning Show and you can link with him on Instagram @Bookdjflava441. 

How has Covid-19 affected your hustle (schedule)? 

It’s affected me in various ways. As a full-time DJ, sudden cancellations of events and parties due to lockdowns and/or curfews is a loss of revenue which isn’t good for anyone in business. 

Tell us why music is important to you. 

Music is the best way for me to truly express myself in the ultimate form. It’s my favourite form of art. And it’s ever changing which makes it timeless and infinite in every aspect. 

How did you develop and hone your skills? 

Well, my cousin Sep lived up the hill from me and I used to sit in his room for hours and hours and go through literally all his cassettes every chance I got, from Silver Hawk, Inner City, King Jammy’s, Saxon, Stonelove, etc. So in the very beginning there was a lot of listening involved. But my boy Kemo, who was closer to my age, gave me my first chance at actually putting a needle on a record up his house at age 9, or close to it. Then came lots of bedroom practice, and practice, and more practice, and more practice.”

What are the pros and cons of being a popular DJ? 

In all honesty, I didn’t know I was popular, and I really mean that. I still constantly try to build a name for myself everyday as if I’ve just started in this game. It’s weird but I truly never have a pulse on how people actually rate my DJing skills. I need to get out more, possibly, but I’m thankful for my supporters from beginning ‘til present because you all have been a big part of my journey in music and I forever thank you – for the kind words and the harsh ones as well, it all helped to shape and mould me. 

DJ Chubb


Marcus George, more widely known as DJ Chubb, is an award-winning radio personality who brings effervescent energy to The Morning Rush Show with DJ Genie on Vibe 103.3 FM every weekday morning. Having already won five Best of Bermuda awards in the category of Radio Personality, DJ Chubb is hoping to earn a sixth such accolade in 2021. His answers to our questions were typically succinct and high energy. 

How has Covid-19 affected your hustle? 

Covid has affected our general way of living! 

Where can you be found/heard online? 

I’m currently on Twitch every Saturday (Housework Saturdays) djchubb103, and (The Morning Rush) is on Twitch too 

Tell us why music is important to you. 

Music has always been an outlet, and a comfort to me. 

How did you develop and hone your skills? 

Simply by practicing… daily! 

What was your most memorable on-air/online interview? 

My most memorable interview has to be Godpa Beres Hammond. Need I say more? 

What are the pros and cons of being a popular DJ? 

Wouldn’t say there are any pros or cons. I’m just grateful to entertain people with my personality, and love of music. 

DJ Rusty G


The last DJ we spoke to has developed a social media game that is second to none and has had consistent success over an impressive career. 

His name is Russell Griffith, but you probably know him as DJ Rusty G. You can find him on Vibe 103.3 FM five days a week (Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri 3pm-6pm and Sat 2pm-4pm) and he also recently launched his third persona, RTwoG2 – as whom he produces and releases music. 

How has Covid-19 affected your hustle? 

I was fully booked with gigs locally and internationally right before the pandemic hit. Nightclubs and large events disappearing meant I really had to shift to doing a lot more sit-down events in restaurants & private functions. 

Where can you be found/heard online? 

I use most of the social media platforms, but I’d say I’m probably most active on Instagram & Twitter – @DJRustyG. I also do live streams on Twitch very regularly – In addition, you can find all my mixes and recordings from various live shows on the Apple Podcast app, Google Podcasts and Soundcloud by searching for DJ Rusty G. 

Tell us why music is important to you. 

Music enhances everything – movies, TV, video games, sports. We may not realize it in our day-to-day, but everything that connects us uses music to do it. I honestly couldn’t imagine a life without it. 

How did you develop and hone your skills? 

There’s always something new to learn. Once I feel like I’ve figured out one genre or style, I start to research something new. Pushing myself past my comfort zone is what keeps me excited about the craft, even after all these years. 

What was your most memorable on-air/online interview? 

Interviewing Lil Rick in 2019 was definitely one of the most memorable moments for me. I’ve always been a big fan of not just his music but the overall impact he has had in Barbados and its music scene. He’s a true icon over there and being able to bring him here for a show and discuss his journey was a big deal for me. 

In these times of uncertainty and dread, music is a distinct comfort and these Bermudian entrepreneurs/entertainers are delivering a vital service. After all, a wise man once said: 

“When the lights gone out, and the food run out, all we have is just the music” 

– Ziggy Marley 


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