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Dedicated to the Ocean

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Bathing suits made from recycled materials and dedicated to one of Bermuda’s most passionate conservationists

Robyn BARDGETT, Photography by James DOUGHTY

With colours and prints evoking Bermuda’s natural environment, Daughters of Summer bathing suits are perfect for spending time at the beach or poolside. But what sets these versatile suits apart is the fact that the fabric is made from recycled materials, including ocean plastics like fishing nets and post-consumer materials such as plastic bottles. Everything that goes into the suits, from the design and manufacturing to the garment labels, packaging and hygienic liners, are considered for their impact on the environment. Working as a designer for large corporations in New York City, Daughters of Summer founder and creative director Kim Deuss knew she wanted to create a brand that considered environmental and social responsibility throughout every process of her business. “My business is not perfect, but that is not what is important. The most important thing is that we make our best efforts to make the most responsible business decisions in every part of the business process.” But growing up in Bermuda and spending time in the ocean diving and, more poignantly, the influence of her stepfather, Neil Burnie, all played an important role in teaching Kim an appreciation for our Island’s most precious resource – the ocean. “Daughters of Summer was created in loving memory of my stepfather, Neil Burnie, as a tribute to all he did and all he meant to me,” says Ms Deuss. While more companies are turning towards selling environmentally friendly products, there’s often little transparency in how the products actually are better for the environment. “As a consumer we have the greatest power of all,” says Ms Deuss. “Every time we make a purchasing decision, we are investing in a company and ultimately investing in how a company does business.” For that reason, Ms Deuss constantly researches new technologies and fabrics that will continue to provide even more sustainable options for her collection, including the new ready-to-wear pieces that she will launch later this year.

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