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RG Mags spoke with Bermudians Tiffany Dawson and Jadirra Harvey about how they use their online platforms to attract followers, promote their offerings and motivate people into better health.

Tiffany Dawson

As a World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Inc (WBFF) bodybuilder, Tiffany Dawson uses her social media presence to interact with followers both in Bermuda and overseas cities in which she competes. With over 22,000 Instagram followers and having reached the cap of 5,000 friends on Facebook, she saw her following grow considerably upon becoming a WBFF professional athlete. “The most effective way to get people’s attention is to provide information to them that leaves them wanting more,” Ms Dawson said, of how she attracts new followers. “The goal is to give them insight into the world in which you live and allow them to join you.” To this end, she stressed the importance of rawness and authenticity in her posts as a way to emotionally connect with her audience. “I try to remain as real and unedited as possible in each post and story. I have bad days just like everybody else, and it’s important for me to show the genuine Tiffany Dawson.”

Ms Dawson cautions that although social media is a necessary and inescapable tool in 2019, it’s important to stay grounded and not let it warp your sense of reality. “The power and influence of social media will penetrate you if you are not careful,” she warned. “It has shaped our view on society and what it means to be beautiful, but we are all beautiful in our own way.” She also noted that while platforms such as Facebook and Instagram could act as tools of inspiration, it is important not to succumb to the instant gratification culture that is often encouraged by social media. “Being healthy is not overnight. You cannot pay for a better body online and wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep.”

Jadirra Harvey

Jadirra Harvey – fitness nutrition specialist and owner of Koba Fit – uses social media to promote her varied weekly group fitness classes, and finds these sites to be a valuable resource. “All social media platforms have benefits,” said Ms Harvey. “Yes, there may be a few minor differences, but ultimately, they share the same goal, which is to provide opportunities, reach leads, attract audiences (big or small) and boost organic visibility.” She said the biggest challenge in using social media was motivating people to commit to behaviours that would lead to a higher quality of life, not just fitness. “There’s nothing more challenging than trying to improve you,” Ms Harvey said. “Allow your challenge to motivate rather than discourage you. I say challenges are opportunities wearing work clothes. They require action and force you to find new ways to succeed.”

The most viral post I ever made was a video I shared on Instagram doing a Hanging Strict One-Arm Toes to Bar,” she explained. “Given the intensity of performing this exercise with two hands, it’s definitely one of the hardest and most impressive moves.” Indeed, Ms Harvey’s Instagram account ( features dozens of videos of both herself and her clients performing exercises in and around the gym. Such videos regularly garner several hundred views each. Her commenters are enthusiastic and come across as genuinely inspired with each physical feat highlighted. ”

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