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Technology and the small business

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A conversation with Digicel’s Damiso Husband and Sweet Saak Bakery’s Kamilah Cannonier 

Technology can play an enabling role in the success of small enterprises, as well as large. Kamilah Cannonier, of Sweet Saak, describes how her bakery’s growth has been tech-fuelled, as Damiso Husband, of Digicel, asks the questions. 

What size of business do you consider yourself?

A small family business located in the town of St George.

Give me a brief overview of your day-to-day operations.

Each day we bake fresh products starting at 4:30am. The remainder of our day is spent greeting, assisting and tailoring baked goods to customers. Our products include breads, cakes, scones and our famous cinnamon buns.

How has technology assisted in your business operations?

Our main source of marketing is through social media. We initially started as a one-person bakery out of a home kitchen, and thanks to technology we were able to grow into two locations. Additionally, utilising technological tools has assisted us in streamlining our orders, accounting, scheduling and pricing. 

Most importantly our point-of-sale system relies on internet. Up to 45 per cent of our customers actually prefer card transactions, as opposed to cash. Therefore our revenue has become reliant on reliable internet. 

Without modern tools, we don’t know if we would still be operational today. Technology turned a passion into a career and I am forever thankful. 

Who is your telecommunications provider?

Digicel Business. More specifically Digicel Fibre. 

How long have you had Digicel Fibre?

Three months. 

Name one major advantage you’ve noticed since switching to Digicel Fibre?

Quicker speed and more efficient service are the two points that jump to mind. 

Care to elaborate?

My internet has not dropped since I have switched to Digicel Fibre. As a family business you can often find my children in my bakery doing homework or browsing their favourite YouTube channels as I prepare for the day. Or my parents using the guest WiFi to send photos via WhatsApp. Overall Digicel Fibre has provided us with a seamless connection that I know I can count on. 

How helpful do you find (me) your account manager to be?

Very helpful. My favourite part is that I do not have to sit in a queue for minutes on end, listening to elevator music in order to reach you. You’re always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that we are a happy customer. I never feel as if I am a “small business owner” when speaking with you or requesting help. You treat Sweet Saak as I imagine you would a big enterprise. 

Would you recommend Digicel Fibre to another business owner?

Absolutely. Without questioning it. 

Damiso Husband is a Business Account Manager with Digicel Bermuda. He is a fairly new to the company but comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge. He is known to go above and beyond to ensure all business clients receive the best service possible. 

He can be contacted by
phone 500-0012 or
Damiso. [email protected]

This article was original posted in the 2019 edition of the RG Business Magazine

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