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Alternative meeting spaces

By Alejandra Ottley

Meetings are inevitable in every industry, and while necessary, it can be challenging to keep them engaging and productive. After all, a plain and neutral boardroom doesn’t necessarily scream casual and collaborative. Think business in Bermuda and your mind will probably wander to pink sand beaches, sunny days and turquoise waters. So why not move your business meeting to our picturesque surroundings? 

Nicole Minnich and Josh Crockwell, owners of True Bermuda Charters, have curated the perfect opportunity for those looking to mix business with pleasure. True Bermuda was born from a desire to create a luxury experience that also felt authentically Bermudian. “To me, nothing beats Bermuda, we’re really trying to show everybody how amazing it is,” Ms Minnich said. “We want to create an experience and for people to feel that.” As they close in on their first year in business, they have built their brand on pristine customer service. 

While typical clients are groups who want to spend a fun day on the water, business folks are seeing the potential of holding meetings aboard the catamaran. “We have a lot of customers who want to take clients out on the water and mix business with pleasure,” Ms Minnich said. “We create a structured experience, where you’re having a good time but also feel like you can be productive and get your work done.” 

The boat can hold up to 25 people and it can be booked for as little as two hours. It is equipped with informal sitting areas, a chef, a maid, and a crew that is happy to personalise the experience. You want it? They will make it happen. 

The motto is to create an environment in which anybody who steps aboard feels like it’s their boat for the day. “We have partnered with Discovery Wines and a couple of other places,” Ms Minnich said. “For example, our clients can order wine to the boat and we’ll have it chilled to the right temperature to be served without them having to ask. Everything is pre-ordered and done for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.” 

Meeting off-site is always pleasant, especially considering the scenery that surrounds us, and creates a neutral ground where all parties can feel at ease. This charter embodies that “business-in-Bermuda” experience, prioritising productivity, but in a relaxed environment you’d wish for while on an island.

We live in a time when there is a demand for business to be conducted differently. Some of the world’s most successful companies are investing in working environments far removed from the typical office space. Steve Jobs, the late former CEO of Apple, was a fan of walking meetings and scheduled as much time as possible outside. And Amazon’s new headquarters are designed to bring the outside in, with a rainforest-like space featuring a giant glass dome that houses more than 40,000 plants. 

Maybe productivity and collaboration can thrive in a more relaxed environment. So go on, step away from the desk, leave the boardroom behind and give it a try.

True Bermuda Charters, truebermuda.com 

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