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Coffee in Bermuda

With themes from little Italy, to Scandinavia — these quirky coffee shops will provide you with your caffeine fix.


This cosy and minimalist coffee shop is a refreshing escape from Bermuda in a way. From the decor to the projector on the wall, to the tray that your cup of coffee is presented in, has been selected to complement the minimal-Scandinavian vibe of this space.

Freshness is the number one priority at Victoire “We import coffee every 10 days from small craft rosters that prioritise freshness and tasting profile” Says Owner Tyler Simmons, “We also serve vegan and gluten-free pastries that are brought daily from Sweet & Kind Bakery” he adds. The community and neighbourhood feel of St Georges surely find their way into this space, and lend to inviting and relaxing environment to hang out.

Milan Milan

Milan Milan is truly a little taste of Italy in the middle of Hamilton. Offering a variety of wines, pantry bits and of course, good coffee. The inspiration behind this one-stop shop offering a look into the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle was to create an environment customers can enjoy whether they’re making a quick stop on their way to work, or sitting down enjoying a cup of coffee and an authentic pastry. The Italian influence is notable as you walk in, from the tile that welcomes you down to the product selection, and it carries throughout the cafe, giving you, as the owner hopes, the feeling that you’re in a coffee shop in Italy. This a relaxed environment, right in the middle of the city, perfect to spend the afternoon at.

Café 4

After a recent revamp, freshness is the new motto at cafe four. Featuring a salad bar, a sandwich station and a buffet-style pasta bar, with pasta made in-house from organic flour.

A selection of coffee is also available for your caffeine fix, again featuring fresh ingredients and coffee grounds from Italy. Though the atmosphere is often vibrant and fast-paced, as most visitors are looking for a grab-and-go type of lunch, their terrace offers a nice escape from the buzz and fuss of the city. It has become a favourite for folks looking to unwind and have some fresh air during breaks. Whether you’re looking for a quick 10-minute lunch, or a space to spend your afternoon at, freshness and variety make Cafe Four a staple.


Although Brew, is “the new kid on the block” on front street, they are by no means new to the business, they are backed up by over 10 years of experience. Brew, is the next step up from their previous location Java Jive on Victoria street. As Philip Barnett, president of the Island Restaurant Group, the goal was to have an environment that is welcoming to everybody “Whether it’s parents meeting their children, or office folks getting a drink after work, we wanted to create a space for everybody can hang out” he says. Alongside the coffee, there is a large selection of grab-and-go items, including their signature sandwiches. With comfortable furniture, outlets through the store and complimentary WIFI, Brew is quickly becoming a space to hang out or get work done, stop by and you’ll find at least one person on their laptop, probably on their second cup of the day.

City Cafe

 Conveniently located across the bus Terminal, City Cafe offers a menu full of ever-changing options, even incorporating Italian, Indian and Pilipino specials, paired with a coffee selection made with imported coffee beans. For owner Vincenzo Della Valle, freshness and quality are his number one priority. His team of talented chefs ensure that the food on offer is made fresh daily, and after 13 years in business, Vincenzo is certain that the key for their longevity is to “never compromise on quality, even during hard times”, and although seating is limited due to size, customers are always welcomed to sit down and enjoy their food.

Over the years, City Cafe has grown a strong, loyal customer base for a reason; a convenient meal, with the love and care behind a home-cooked meal.

This article was originally published in the 2019 edition of the rg Food Magazine.

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