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Why you should spring clean your digital space

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Is this thing on?

Whether your spends hours on end mindlessly scrolling every day, or barely keep up with your socials, a clear out is needed from time to time, especially in a time were our digital presence often interwinds with our “real life”. Here’s why you might want to spring clean your digital space this year:

Potential jobs and opportunities

Many of us created our first social media accounts before any rational and thoughtful decisions could be made. And while it can feel like all funs and games, is not an uncommon practice for academic institutions,  recruiters and employers to have a look at your social media platforms and overall digital presence. Go through all your accounts and untag yourself/delete questionable posts (like those blurry pictures of you holding red cups back in high school), and be mindful of what you post and how that represents you.

Digital clutter

If your devices are running low on storage or if it takes you more than a couple of seconds to find what you’re looking for, you’re probably due for a digital clear out. That paper you wrote freshman year or those 200 reject selfies that never made it to Instagram can probably be deleted for good. After years of being online and a handful of devices that automatically backup, it can be surprising how much junk we never get rid of, and it can turn overwhelming fast. Take care of your digital real state. Delete and unsubscribe from what no longer serves a purpose or is no longer useful.


Sometimes it is as easy as unfollowing and deleting. While we might not be in control of how certain posts make us feel, we can control what we see. Sure, social media can be a place to start debate and conversation, but there is no rule that forbids you from unfollowing that family member who is constantly going on offensive rants. Watch the content you consume, how it makes you feel, and get rid/unfollow what no longer serves you.

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