What’s in today’s kitchen?

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Photography by Blaire Simmons

Trends for 2019

Humans have always needed to eat. In the dawn of man, primitive cavemen would have hunted animals for food to ensure their survival. Today, cooking has become an art form, people like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay have made a comfortable living as chefs and restaurateurs, blowing up the industry with cooking shows, recipe books and even designer kitchens. Here are the trends that we’re seeing for 2019:


Some have said that the kitchen island is disappearing. We’ve noticed that while it used to be a hidden cove with depths unknown to guests, it’s becoming more of a space for community, with the island still at the centre, but becoming a longer, wider and even double layered element. This offers space to cook on one side and an informal area on the other so that children can work on schoolwork while still interacting with the family and being a part of the home’s social sphere. Entertaining in the kitchen is becoming more of a priority at the design stage.People are looking for more space to serve hors d’oeuvres while prepping a meal.


Modern industrial-style kitchens are a growing phenomenon. This trend sinks its roots in the mid-century modern design in the USA which became immensely popular in the 70s. Drawing from the stark aesthetic of old warehouses, creative elements came to the fore in a big way: compact hardwearing structures made from rough laminated timber melded with natural materials like wood, metal and glass. The end result is a relaxed atmosphere which brings in an aura of urban exclusiveness.


Homeowners are embracing the two-toned trend. The contrast of the different colours and adds visual interest and keeps your design from feeling too predictable. Plus, keeping the beautiful grain of the wood visible adds texture. This Southampton home pairs navy blue uppers with the unpainted lower wood cabinets to add a bit of a rustic vibe that feels timeless. The contrast of the dark and light brings a stylish drama.


Bluetooth technology is revolutionising the way we use kitchen appliances. Some appliances now speak to the microwave, synching up clock times and automatically turning on vents and lights when the cooktop is in use. According to Lou Lenzi, industrial design director for General Electric Appliances, it is working on its next innovation, which aims to synchronise cooking times for the microwave, range and oven so that main dishes and sides all arrive at the finish line simultaneously — and perfectly cooked. Stay tuned!


As more people are taking on the “gut and reno” project, they are trading the bulkiness that we see in the traditional Bermuda kitchen for smaller and embedded appliances that are more practical than showy. For example, large stainless-steel range hoods have been all the rage in kitchens in recent years, but we are now seeing a move toward concealed hoods for a streamlined look. Hiding a hood, or any appliance for that matter, helps focus the attention on the design elements, rather than on the appliance itself, keeping those clean lines to create a sleek look.

This article was originally published in the Spring 2019 edition of RG Magazine.

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