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Jasmine DeSilva on having everything (that matters)

The foundation of any long-term health plan has two essential pillars – nutrition and exercise. While we would all love a pretty pill that negates our need to get sweaty, eat more broccoli and less pizza, it truly does not exist.  

As a Mom, a Wife, a busy working professional and an entrepreneur, I know that setting the time aside to execute on the big pillars can seem impossible! We typically place our personal needs very low on our “To Do” list. However, the “Self-Care” warriors are all over social media urging us to take that time for ourselves. While my response is usually to ask them if my extra-long trips to the bathroom count, they are right; making your health a priority is an absolute necessity and a message I practice as well as preach.

But what other tips can help you in supporting your health goals?

Establish your  “why?”                                                                                                   

When I meet with clients for the first time, this is where we start. It is a process I adopted from the famous motivational leader, Simon Sinek. The fact is, we all are inspired by a sense of purpose and need to clearly understand the “why” to make change.

Truthfully, your “Why” can evolve over time. Maybe your initial “Why” is to fit into that sexy LBD for an upcoming special occasion. But remember that your “Why” should be an anchoring factor that pushes you beyond a short-term goal.

My personal “Why”? I want to see my daughter grow and develop into a beautiful woman. I am dedicated to being her able-bodied and healthy partner in crime on that journey. Also, if I’m honest, I will always want to be “able” to dance on tables. Appropriate at 65? Maybe not. Impressive? Absolutely!

Visualise your outcome

When I mention visualisation, I am not talking solely about the act of tearing out a page of Ciara’s abs and sticking it on your fridge (don’t judge, I’ve done it). Take the opportunity to close your eyes and visualise what you would look like at your healthiest. How would you feel? What would you be able to do with this renewed energy? What emotional strongholds would you shed along with the weight? Visualisation and meditation are powerful tools and establishing a mind-body connection daily will positively shape your health intentions.

Rally a tribe

Let’s face it, going on a weight loss journey alone is difficult, to say the least. This is where your tribe comes in! Your tribe can be informal and consist of your co-workers or close friends. Or maybe you crave a more structured support group. Group weight loss programs and fitness classes can take the initial awkwardness out of meeting new people and instead conjure together a group of peers that can relate to your own journey. Additionally, a group fitness instructor/nutritionist will supply structure and additional accountability.

Cultivate success-driven environments

To ensure lasting healthy habits and sustained weight loss, we must operate in environments that make such pursuits an easier choice.

Start with the environment in your control, your home. Encourage your partner to join you in pursuing healthier meal options. Get your little ones to help you in the kitchen as you explore different ways to make a delicious nutrient-dense meal. After all, you are personally responsible for setting the foundation for their own health journeys.

Also, if you do not have a workplace that has in place a worksite wellness plan, bring up the idea to your HR. The workplace is where adults spend most of their waking hours, and corporate wellness programs can be a key catalyst to success.

Of course, there are many other ways that could support the major pillars of nutrition and exercise. But start with the advice here, and I promise that you will be on the right path to living a healthier and abundant life.

[bio] Jasmine DeSilva is the owner and creator of Abundant Wellness, a wellness consultancy firm dedicated to the infusing and promotion of health and wellbeing, everywhere. In 2011 she launched the award-winning local dance fitness programme, Fierce.Funk.Fitness. She advocates for prioritising health and well-being in corporate spaces, has raised over $10,000 for local charities, not to mention is motivated to, and mildly obsessed with, helping women become and commit to being their best selves every day.

This article was originally published in the Spring 2019 edition of RG Magazine.

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