8 Reasons for Marcus’ Sunday Champagne Brunch

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Those who “do brunch” understand that you either “do” it, or you “don’t.” And for those who do, the Champagne Sunday Brunch at Marcus’ is a must for your list. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, team outing, or just your typical Sunday, here are 8 reasons Marcus’ is where you want to be sitting off before you start your week.

The Buzzing Energy

From 11:30 until 3pm the energy does not slow – the food stays fresh, the service is constant and smiles do not wane in the magical land at the back of Fairmont Hamilton Princess. There is something about good food over the table that opens people up, so be prepared to have some foodie discussion, or to just nod in agreement with complete strangers.

Unlimited Champagne

While most people drink at the end of the week; Marcus’ encourages you to toast to the beginning. The non-stop flow of Veuve makes you feel like an A-lister. (Although the option to upgrade to Dom is there). And for those who choose not to drink, there is a lighter option that still includes the gold standard of non-alcoholic beverages. (Try a freshly made fruit punch or mango mix.)

Fried Chicken or Waffles (or both)

The unspoken message of “Don’t be shy” is hanging over the open doorway of the former Gazebo room. We say that to say, that everything but the kitchen cupboard is up for grabs. Enjoy some made to order Eggs Benny, delicious homemade flaky pastries, deviled eggs; there’s a Caribbean corner, a taco cart, fried chicken, waffles (or both), pancakes, an entire birthday cake if that’s what you fancy.

Live Music

The rounded room of Marcus’ dining hall somehow creates acoustics that are incredible for digestion. One is constantly going back for more without so much as a bash of an eyelash, but definitely stepping to the beat by THE BIG CHILL. From late morning to early afternoon, the music is consistent and creates an ambiance fit for the family.

Child-friendly Service

Buffet brunch is practice for your little adults, right? Marcus’ understands.  If you’re reserving, let them know that you have little ones joining – the only question they will ask is “booster?”  Children are welcomed with a high-five and a juice/water/hot chocolate order. Now let out that sigh of relief.

The Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream Station

This one is most certainly for adults, the ice cream station is something that is waiting for you from the beginning to the very end. While the children get to act like grown-ups, the grown-ups are brought back to a simpler time. If your 3rd Champagne doesn’t do it, this station will.

The (NEW) Dim Sum Trolley

‘Nuff said.

Chef Danai

Getting in the habit of watching chefs do their thing on TV has obviously boosted our fascination with what goes on in restaurant kitchens. Marcus’ embraces the open concept,  and we can see why. There’s nothing like watching Chef Danai working hard to make your food fresh and your Sunday incredible.

Don’t miss it!

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