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5 things that healthy men do regularly

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Be prepared! The month ahead promises lots of healthy moustaches, grown in attempt to create awareness for men’s health. It’s usually fun and hairy, but many organisations are urging men to start habits of checking prostate, testicular, and even mental health early in life, which could be the difference between life and death.

Here are five things that men should be doing throughout November (and regularly!) for their best life!

  1. Check yourself

Yes, once a month, while in the shower, roll your testes between thumb and fingers to get to know what’s normal. They should feel smooth, firm and sensitive, but not painful. If you notice a change in size or shape, a lump that wasn’t there before, or if they become painful to touch, see a doctor.

  1. Carve out bro time

It has been proven that men need to take the time biweekly to be with good friends. Whether playing sports or just sitting and having a drink, the effects are enormous. A reportby a professor of Oxford University says that “men who maintain social groups are healthier, recover from illness more quickly and tend to be more generous”. Women, the perfect excuse to push them out of the house. Their life depends on it!

  1. Say how you feel

If you don’t feel like you can open up to your closest friends, know where to go. If you are having a tough time and need someone to talk to, contact Bermuda Mental Health Foundation for an anonymous call. If a friend is looking to talk, try to ask questions, listen intently, encourage action, and check in with them later. Opening up has been proven to put things in perspective and release tension, leading to a longer and happier life.

  1. Make movement a lifestyle

If you do one thing this month, make it a resolution to move more. Research suggests that exercise may help to counter the decrease in testosterone in men as they age. It also decreases the risk of lung, colorectal and other cancers, and heart disease; while lowering the risk of death by diabetes and sleep apnea.

  1. Know your facts

About testicular cancer

Testicles are responsible for the production of male hormones (mostly testosterone) and sperm. Testicular cancer starts as an abnormal growth or tumor that develops in one or both testicles. There are several types of testicular cancer, but the most common is the germ cell tumor.

About prostate cancer

Only men have a prostate gland. The prostate gland is usually the size and shape of a walnut and grows bigger as you get older. It sits underneath the bladder and surrounds the urethra, which is the tube men urinate and ejaculate through. Its main job is to help make semen – the fluid that carries sperm.

Prostate cancer occurs when some of the cells in the prostate reproduce far more rapidly than normal, resulting in a tumor. Prostate cancer often grows slowly to start with and may never cause any problems. But some men have prostate cancer that is more likely to spread. These prostate cancer cells, if left untreated, may spread from the prostate and invade distant parts of the body, particularly the lymph nodes and bones, producing secondary tumors in a process known as metastasis.

A common myth is that these types of cancers only occur in men older than 45. The truth is that young men can be affected and should be checking themselves regularly – even to know what’s normal – and creating habits that make up a lifestyle that works for both their physical and mental. Early detection of cancers, diseases and mental health issues is the difference between life and death. So, do what you need to do.

Happy Movember!

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