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5 Ways the WRC Member’s Tent is Everything

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The World Rugby Classic is well under way in Bermuda, and the corporate sponsors have turned a game, into an experience. If you’re not a rugby fan, the Member’s Tent is here to convert. A VIP facility sits just behind the goal line, and is accessible to anyone with $300 to spare. The Member’s Tent allows you to view the games from the comfort of a table stacked with flowing concessions and endless opportunities to meet and greet. Here, the reasons why we thought it was everything:

  1. The Hospitality

From parking, to security and admission, navigation and crowd control around the tents is airtight – key and too-often missed aspects of a major event. Driving up the hill, excitement builds the minute the National Sports Centre floodlights come into view. The organised welcome from the marshals and volunteers, the seating arrangements, and tremendous ice sculpture near the tent entrance extends that happy feeling. The one that makes you look to your partner in crime and say, “Tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  1. The Food

They market it as a “buffet” – an understatement. The options are to your heart’s desire and of remarkable quality, as is to be expected from Fourways – one of the best corporate caterers on the island. Whether you enjoy a gourmet salad or feel the atmosphere lends to a giant plate of fish and chips, fresh-cut piece of beef or chicken, no one leaves hungry or unsatisfied.

  1. The Booze

You might want to feed your alter ego before it comes to life in the Member’s Tent. The hours for the open bar alone, make you snuggle into your seat – from one hour before the first game to one hour after the final whistle. First-class wines, premium vodka and rum from Goslings, plus endless canned beers such as Magners, Bud Light, Corona, Boddingtons and Dark and Stormy. For non-drinkers – or in-between drinks – you have a choice of still or sparkling Pellegrino, soda and juices.

  1. The People

This is most certainly the place to entertain corporate clients, meet industry professionals, or rub shoulders with politicians. Having said that, the Member’s Tent is the most relaxed atmosphere for these connections to happen. Whether from the booze or the excitement of the game, there’s a buzz that bring walls down and opens the room up for opportunity.

  1. The View

Get the best view of the scrums and biffs from behind the goal line. The Member’s Tent allows you to really soak in the heart, sweat and emotion of the game. Don’t miss an opportunity to really experience rugby the way it should be. In the words of Steve Smith, former Captain of England, “I have no doubt that, during the next week, many tales will be told on many parts of the Island. For us veterans of the Island, it is great to be back amongst such crazy people. For the “Island Virgins” (first trippers) hold on to your hats!”

Go to for more on the Member’s Tent admission, games and tickets.


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