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You’re invited to breakfast with EAP of Bermuda

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The Employee Assistance Programme of Bermuda welcomes all members and guests to our Thirty-First Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM will be held on October 18th, 2018 at 9:00AM at the offices of Estera Services (Bermuda) Limited, 22 Victoria Street, Hamilton.

This is a breakfast meeting with a complimentary continental breakfast available from 8:30 AM followed by the AGM starting promptly at 9:00AM. This year’s AGM will feature a keynote address from Sylvia Jones, Director, Elevate Executive Selection, on the topic of “Rebranding & Rebuilding during Times of Transition.”

Over the last decade Bermuda has seen turbulent times:

  • Companies have experienced mergers and acquisitions, services have been outsourced either locally or overseas, entire departments have disappeared, individuals have experienced downsizing and redundancy, investing in learning and development was all but eliminated, succession planning has been neglected to note just a few– what are the key features of the corporate landscape now?
  •  Amid this flux, how are companies managing their culture? In taking on new corporate identities, how are leaders charting the way forward? How has the role of the HR function changed and how is it perceived now?
  • How are Millennials shaking up our attitude to the permanency of work? Individuals are inherently adaptable, but at what cost?
  • At a community and corporate level – how are we coping through these moments of upheaval? Sylvia Jones will delve into the answers to some of these questions in analyzing how companies and individuals manage their rebranding and rebuilding at what is a time of transition in Bermuda’s business landscape. Her viewpoint from the crossroads of transition provides her with a unique perspective on the real impact of recent change. Join us for some thought-provoking insights from this engaging speaker.

Press release from the Employee Assistance Programme of Bermuda

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