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8. Fireminds

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Information Technology

Founded: 2001

Employees: 36

Male/Female ratio: 65% – 35%

Bermudian/Non-Bermudian ratio: 40% – 60%

Staff turnover (2017): 15%

Fireminds has made the Top Ten Employers for the third time, having placed third in 2015 and fourth in 2017.

The IT firm is expanding, helped by a multimillion-dollar investment by American partner ATN International, which is also the majority owner of One Communications. That boost has helped its staff base rise to 36 this year from 25 last year.

Fireminds is very focused on its customers and being able to come up with solutions for their specific needs. For example, it built and ran the America’s Cup ticketing system and the Bermuda Government’s online census portal.

Micheal Branco, CEO of Fireminds, has said the ATN investment, which will facilitate access to new markets, will give employees more opportunity to travel and to work on broader projects.

“Fireminds measures itself by global standards and tries to be one of the most innovative IT providers”, the company stated in its Top Ten survey response.

The kind of bright, young talent an IT solutions company needs is increasingly in demand and Fireminds engages with schools to try to attract young Bermudians who may have what it takes.

Under its high school interns programme, three students visit every Thursday to work on software development projects, while middle school interns are invited to shadow employees annually. Fireminds also hires talented university graduates, with degrees in computer science or software development, to undergo an intense two-year programme in its graduate internship. The company also supports the Ewan Sampson Scholarship Trust.

Fireminds and its staff get involved in charitable activities spanning science and the arts, including the Technology Leadership Forum, the Bermuda Festival and the Bermuda International Film Festival. Its charitable efforts are focused on three areas: technology and youth; performing arts and youth; and job creation.

What employees said:

“Dynamic place to work with a family feel, everyone contributes together to make the company the best it can be”.

“Fireminds has allowed a more creative, free-flow environment that allows for a relaxed atmosphere”.

“Progressive company where my input matters!”

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