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7. Bermuda Skyport Corporation

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Airport Operations, Maintenance and Commercial Functions

Founded: 2018

Employees: 52

Male/Female ratio: 63% – 37%

Bermudian/Non-Bermudian ratio: 97% – 3%

Staff turnover (2017): 4%

Bermuda Skyport Corporation has only existed for a matter of months, but it has clearly made a positive impression on its employees in that short time.

The company, which is wholly owned by Aecon Concessions, was created to take over operations, maintenance and commercial functions at the LF Wade International Airport and to oversee the project to deliver a new terminal by 2020.

Staff may have had concerns over switching from public- to private-sector employment, but their survey responses suggest they are happy with the result. Evidently they feel valued, appreciate having a voice in decision-making and their compensation and benefits have improved.

One employee said of Skyport: “It has more resources to get things done; it rewards its staff; it acknowledges its staff; better pay and benefits; and more opportunities to have fun”.

The company says safety is its “number one core value”. It has a safety management system based on international standards and a safety committee.

Skyport pays bonuses, which can be as much as 15 percent of base salary, depending on the company’s profitability and employees’ level of success in meeting personal objectives. It also operates a staff savings programme. Employees can save up to $750 a month and the company provides a fixed annual interest rate of five percent, paid out together with principal at the end of a 12-month term.

Skyport scores well on health, giving their staff up to $400 per year for wellness programmes of their choice, whether it be gym membership, a nutritional programme, or a quit-smoking course.

It is active with local charities and for 2018 it has a focus on children’s and educational causes. It also offers internships that have already given six Bermudians work experience with Canadian host companies.

What employees said:

“Makes us all feel that no matter where you work in the organization, you are equally important”.

“My boss actually cares about me as an individual before me as the employee”.

“Room for personal and professional growth, training opportunities, good benefits, stronger company moral”.

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