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4. Argus Group

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Insurance, Retirement and Financial Services

Founded: 1950

Employees: 153

Male/Female ratio: 31% – 69%

Bermudian/Non-Bermudian ratio: 88% – 12%

Staff turnover (2017): 9%

Argus has been a consistently high performer in its illustrious Top Ten Employers history. This year’s fourth place follows last year’s third, which came on the back of three consecutive fourths.

With a staff turnover rate in single digits, it would appear that employees are happy to work at the insurer and provider of retirement products. Employee responses to the survey show that Argus’s people feel empowered, valued and encouraged to fulfill their potential.

Many employers speak of their desire for an engaged workforce. Argus has taken this a step further by setting a high benchmark for itself and measuring it through an anonymous annual survey. The latest poll found 87 percent of respondents were “fully engaged”, nicely above the company’s 80 percent target. That is extraordinarily high, according to the company that helps Argus survey staff sentiment.

Indeed, the company scored in the top five percent of engaged organisations, with the vendor’s benchmark including the past three years of data from 20 million responses across multiple industries.

Health is treated seriously at Argus, where staff receive up to $500 per year towards gym membership. The company has a Wellness Committee that works out ways to promote healthy living and a proper work-life balance. In January, for example, it launched an eight-week nutritional and fitness challenge called “Reboot” for employees. Participants found that the programme alleviated stress, provided clarity of mind and improved their mood. All employees can enrol on the company’s Get Up and Thrive online wellness programme and can enjoy a stress-busting, quarterly massage.

Personal development is a priority. As well as a focus on staff training, the online Argus University programme, since launching three years ago, has helped employees complete more than 600 short courses on topics ranging from customer service to advanced Excel.

What employees said:

“Argus is very employee focused. I genuinely feel cared about at work and feel as though I am beneficial to my team”.

“Argus makes the effort to do ‘the right thing’ for their clients and staff while still remaining competitive as one of the leaders in the local insurance industry”.

“In general, management ‘walks the talk’. Employees are genuinely appreciated”.

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