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3. Bacardi

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Consumer Package Goods — Beverage Alcohol

Founded: 1862

Employees: 74

Male/Female ratio: 34% – 66%

Bermudian/Non-Bermudian ratio: 62% – 38%

Staff turnover (2017): 12%

Bacardi has become a fixture among the Top Ten Employers and this year’s third spot marks progress from the sixth place the drinks giant achieved in 2017.

It may be a leading global player in its industry, but Bacardi is still very much a family business. That characteristic is ingrained in the corporate culture and may well contribute to Bacardi’s strength as an employer.

In its comments in the Top Ten survey, Bacardi makes clear that staff are thought of as part of the corporate family and –– just like in a family –– constructive differences of opinion are welcome.

Bacardi stated: “The performance management process has been changed for this fiscal year, which will embrace the company’s culture –– based on family”. This will involve “viewing the organisation as if it were our own and doing what’s right for the business and adopting a fearless attitude, being empowered to question, challenge and innovate our company and the way in which we work. Nothing should get in our way of challenging the status quo, thinking creatively and improving our business processes”.

Employees are eligible to receive annual bonuses, based half on company financial results and half on individual performance, as judged through the performance review.

One employee said: “I’ve been with many large public companies and they do not treat their employees, the community and the environment as well as Bacardi does. We treat each other like the family company that we are”.
Staff benefits include in-house childcare facilities and an annual gym membership allowance of up to $1,500, as well as free breakfast and lunch provided.

Mentoring and career development opportunities feature strongly, with management coaching, a Women in Leadership programme and a range of internships available. The company is also a vigorous supporter of numerous local charities.

What the employees said:

“Bacardi cares for their staff. They make you feel like you are part of a family”.

“Company accepts staff involvement for all aspects of business and work life processes. Provides support to staff on all fronts”.

“The vision and direction of Bacardi in terms of business and people strategy is far superior than any other place I have ever been employed”.

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