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10 Halloween makeup ideas

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It’s that time of the year again where the YouTube beauty community creates some of their best work. Vloggers such a Desi Perkins and Alissa Ashley Rack up millions of views with their step-by-step makeup tutorials, while their subscribers send them photos on social media with their take on the sometimes very detailed looks.

Here are 10 amazing Halloween makeup ideas:

1. Desi Perkins: “Witch Doctor or El Cucuy?”

Halloween has been dubbed “Desi-ween” by her 3.1 million YouTube subscribers and just by looking at the thumbnail of this 2018 tutorial, Desi Perkins runs the season. This year her subject is her husband and cameraman, Steven but does the Witch Doctor compete with her previous “demon”, “Beetlejuice” and her most popular (5.1 million views)  “melting skull” videos? You be the judge.

2. Chrisspy: “Llorona”

Known for her cinematic tutorial intros, Chrisspy (1.6 million subscribers) turns herself into La Llorona, also known as the Mexican weaping woman. In the tale, a young woman drowns her children in a fit of rage after being betrayed by her husband. Other halloween tutorials include her ‘Gangster Clown’, ‘Snow White’ and ‘Werewolf’.

3. Alissa Ashley: “Pop Art Makeup”

In a short amount of time, Alissa Ashley has become a force to reckon with on YouTube. Her creative video ideas paired with her ability to photograph herself in the highest quality to promote her work on social media has gained her over 1.6 million subscribers. Here she transforms herself into a pop art cartoon. Other memorable videos are her recreation of Rihanna’s Vogue cover and her Bratz Doll makeup.

4. Aaliyah Jay: “Creepy Halloween Clown”

With her 1.6 million Instagram followers and 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, Aaliyah Jay is one of the most popular social celebrities of colour. Her creepy halloween clown gained 83,000 likes on Instagram last year, so this year she decided to recreate the look and film a tutorial.

5. Nikki Tutorials: “Reversed upside down eye makeup”

Looking to keep it simple and glam but still creep your friends out? Nikki Tutorials shows you how with this upside down eye makeup.

6. Courtney Little Makeup: “Wybie’s Forced Smile”

Based on the character Wybie from the 2009 fantasy horror film, Coraline. Check out more of Courtney Little’s detailed makeup tutorials here.

7. James Charles: “It Pennywise Glam”

Last year, IT was the most raved about Horror movie that prompted thousands of Pennywise inspired makeup tutorials. James Charles’ (9 million subscribers) recreation boasts 2.6 million views. This year’s halloween tutorial features reality star and CEO of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner. Click here for the video.

8. Tina Halada: “Easy Spider Illusion”

Following her successful Pennywise tutorial, Tina Halada starts her halloween series off this year with a spider illusion tutorial. Other notable looks are her ‘bunny’ and ‘golden skull’ tutorials.

9. Alex Faction: “Scary Smiley”

Here’s another one for the guys, a Scary Smiley tutorial using liquid latex and tissue.

10. Amanda Ensing: “Pink Vampire”

Looking for something quick and easy? Grab some pink face paint to create Amanda’s girly vampire!

Interested in trying any of these halloween makeup looks? Leave us a comment below!

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