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10. Auto Solutions

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Automotive Sales and Services

Founded: 2013

Employees: 44

Male/Female ratio: 75% – 25%

Bermudian/Non-Bermudian ratio: 80% – 20%

Staff turnover (2017): 12%

Auto Solutions finished the game, nabbing the tenth position, down from number nine last year.

Since then, the company has stayed relatively the same size, with 44 employees, compared to 45 last year, focusing more on their current staff, of which, almost all expressed having pride in their current job and feel that they are developing with the company.

On average, employees are sick just four times a year. “Just a great place to come [to] work every morning…majority of employees arrive happy…and the morale is a great one and the best [place] I have ever worked”, says one staff member in the survey.

It could be due to generous commission for staff, or the Technicians and Customer Service monthly incentive programme that is put in place. Plus, Auto Solutions is a part of the BF&M Livewell Program to ensure of a healthy and safe environment to work in.

They also make sure to give back, working with CADA, where they launched a Safe Driving Pledge Wall earlier this year. They sponsor raffles, assist with Tag day, and host an NFL tailgate with all proceeds going to The Reading Clinic. They also work with YouthNet and have a designated Community Education and Development Programme: Summer Internship, plus work with Bermuda Government schools to provide opportunities for students interested in the automotive industry.

One staff member stated, “Management is making an effort to ask staff for their ideas and opinions and actually listen and updated on what is being worked on”, and when it comes to working habits, “we have better hours, we don’t have to work every weekend, we have holidays off, we close on Saturdays after a holiday, the pay is great”. Obviously the best

What employees said:

“Just a great place to come work every morning as it appears majority of employees arrive happy at work and the moral is a great one and the best I have ever worked with in my entire career”.

“Less stressful environment, better company culture, genuine concern for employees”.

“We have an HR that takes the time to listen and try help. Sometimes just listening is enough”.

“I can see the management making an effort to listen to and take stock in the employee’s thoughts. They are putting the effort in so that we can see that our opinions count and are important”.

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