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1. Frontier Financial Services

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Professional services

Founded: 2000

Employees: 35

Male/Female ratio: 54% – 46%

Bermudian/Non-Bermudian ratio: 29% – 71%

Staff turnover (2017): 14%

Frontier Financial Services made a perfect debut in the Top 10 Employers competition, taking top honours at the first attempt.

The professional-services company lends its expertise to employers all over the island in a wide range of areas from accounting and recruitment to immigration requirements and compliance. Its new-found status as Bermuda’s top employer will be a great advert for the business.

The 18-year-old company is based in offices on Reid Street and its staff apparently love working there. In their survey responses, employees remarked favourably on compensation, work-life balance and a listening management in the survey.

Personal wellbeing is of great importance. All employees receive full health coverage and all were given FitBit devices to encourage them to monitor their activity. The company also staged a health and wellness seminar with BF&M, its health insurer.

One trait of all great employers is that employees feel they have a voice, whether they are managers or not. One employee said in the survey: “Leadership has a clear plan. Employees are respected. Communication is a priority. All input is considered and appreciated.”

When economic conditions worsened, the company was able to continue to thrive by making the interests of employees paramount and preserving its all-important talent.

During the recession, the company said it increased marketing to improve demand for its services, while reducing prices to ensure staff were kept busy. It also reduced shareholder dividends to preserve cash in the interests of retaining all of its employees.

“Staff levels are currently higher than before the downturn with no redundancies or staff pay or benefits being reduced”, the company stated in the survey.

Frontier also does its bit for the community, donating financial support to youth sports and donating services to charities.

What employees said:

“Better management, structure, commitment, pay and opportunity. Almost everything is better here than in my previous employers in Bermuda”.

“Much better work-life balance. Better atmosphere within which to work. Happy staff”.

“Management takes the time to listen and act upon the wishes of employees to the best of their abilities”.​

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