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The Royal Gazette Wahoo Tournament

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Photographs by Blaire Simmons

The 52nd annual Royal Gazette Wahoo Tournament was a huge success on September 9, despite fears of the effects of Hurricane Florence.

Here are the highlights from last night’s prize presentation at Spanish Point Boat Club.


Heaviest Wahoo on 12lb test: Last Chance crew member Troy Basden, right, accepts the award for Alex Dowling from C.J. Richardson of Marine Locker.
Heaviest Wahoo on 16lb test: Mathew Jones receives his prizes from Rajan Simons, Digital Content Specialist of RG Mags.
Heaviest Wahoo on 20lb test: Chris Dupperreault, left, is handed his goods by Wayne Correia, co-owner of C-Mart.
Heaviest Wahoo on 30lb test: Peter Martin, left accepts his prizes from weigh master John Barnes.
Heaviest Overall Wahoo: Price Smith, right, is handed his goodies by Stephen Wright, the acting sports editor of The Royal Gazette. Price had a 46lb catch.
Captain Niel Jones, proudly holding the trophy, won the High Point Boat for the largest haul. Also pictured from left are Dexter Smith, Editor of The Royal Gazette, Cyril Jones, Colin Jones and Matthew Jones.

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