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A look at alternative scholarships

There are quite a few scholarships in accounting, finance and law. We decided to have a look at some alternative scholarships for those that have other interests in improving different industries and pushing the community forward in Bermuda.


Check out the Bermuda Arts Council Grants and The Cultural Legacy Fund

The Bermuda Arts Council are looking for recipients who show that they can enhance the quality of life, strengthen the arts and culture on the island, and build appreciation and participation in the wider community. They work with the Department of Culture and Community Affairs on The Cultural Legacy Fund initiative which aims to give a significant boost to Bermuda’s culture, heritage and arts through of financial grants (varying amounts). This could be your time to shine!


Check out Peter Leitner Arts Scholarships

The arts were very important to Peter and Margaret Leitner. With this in mind, Margaret Leitner established the Peter Leitner Arts Scholarship in memory of her husband.

Worth up to $30,000 per year, the scholarship is specifically devoted to helping young Bermudians fully realise their artistic talents. The Peter Leitner Arts Scholarship will fund the education of deserving Bermudian students of the visual and performing arts, either in Bermuda or abroad.

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)

Check out BELCO’s Llewellyn Vorley Engineering Scholarship & STEM Education Awards

Are you studying mechanical, electrical or a related engineering field? If you’ve completed one year of your undergraduate study, and it’s relevant to BELCO’s operation, candidates can receive $25,000.00 per annum for the duration of the degree with a maximum of 3 years. Tinker on!

Architecture, industrial, graphic, fashion design

Check out the Bank of Bermuda Foundation John D. Campbell Arts Scholarship

If designing is your future, then go ahead and do it. The Bank of Bermuda Foundation offers undergraduate scholarships of up to $30,000 to pay for tuition, room, board, and travel for four years for applied arts studies.

Technical or Vocational

Minister’s Technical and Vocational Award

Government provides funding for students who are graduating public school and plan on attending Bermuda College to pursue a strong interest in technical or vocational studies. This can be granted for local ($5,000) or overseas ($25,000) post-secondary study.


Check out the Bermuda Sloop Foundation Adam Goodwin Mariner Scholarship

All you can think about is the ocean and setting sail. This scholarship is designed for those who want to get into the marine industry through formal education orexperience. The Bermuda Sloop Foundation is looking for those who have a clear love for the sea, a desire to give back to their community and an educational and development plan to achieve the synergy of the two. Up to $5,000 can be used for seamanship, boatbuilding, engineering, technology or anything in between.

Learners with Disabilities

Check out the Minister’s Exceptional Student Award

You are exceptional and there are scholarships in the community that can help you to move forward. The Minister’s Exceptional Student Award is for graduating students with learning disabilities and want to go to school locally ($5,000) or overseas ($25,000) postsecondary study.

This article was originally published in the September 2018 edition of Rg Scholarships.

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