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In profile: Rochelle Minors

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Photographs by Blaire Simmons

Rochelle Minors of Rochelle Nicole designs has been gearing up for this moment since she began designing. The chance to share her work internationally has finally arrived.

How did your design story begin?

It began from my childhood drawing and making paper clothing for my paper dolls. From there I took sewing lessons after school in my early teen years, I then went to pursue a BA in Fashion Design at The University for the Creative Arts in Rochester, Kent. I showcased my graduate collection at London Graduate Fashion Week in 2014 and I have been designing ever since.

What inspires your design process?

I’m inspired by strong, bold colors, I love contrasting elements, geometric shapes and symmetry. I’m mainly inspired by architecture, buildings, doors, windows. A lot of my silhouette is minimal and I gather inspiration from the 60’s, and 90’s mixed with what’s trending in stores and street style.

What has been the most challenging element in creating the new collection?

The most challenging part was creating clothing I’ve never done before using materials I am not comfortable. This majority of the collection is stretch fabrics. I decided to challenge myself this time and it was like working with new tools. Also the time period in which I had to make the collection was shorter than previous ones so the pressure was high.

How do you think NYFW will differ from sharing a post collection in London?

New York provides a new market, and bigger show. In London I showcased my graduate collection which catered to a certain audience. Here I will be right in the midst of industry professionals. An opportunity that was never presented to me in London. My Swirl collection this is more commercial than my previous work so I pray it will be better received.

What has you most excited about this NYFW opportunity?

I’m excited to just firstly grace an international stage showing my work. I’m honored to know that my work is worthy of such an opportunity, and this opportunity can be the brand’s next big break. I’m just in awe that this is actually happening. It’s what every designer dreams of doing at some point in their career. I’m very thankful for it all.

What’s one piece of advice for anyone looking to follow in your shoes?

Be passionate and be patient because things don’t happen overnight, work hard and embrace the journey. It will all be worth it.

For more on the brand, follow Rochelle on Instagram @Rochelle_Nicole

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