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7 Must Have Gadgets

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  1. Amazon Echo

Voice controlled technology has evolved tremendously over the last couple of years. These new devices provide you with a smart personal assistant, making small day to day tasks more efficient. Besides basic capabilities such as asking questions, managing your calendar, and taking notes. It can control and connect  to other Echo devices either for an integrated experience and is capable of controlling smart devices, such as your lights or tv, giving you full control of the room. With a growing range of products that can connect to the Echo, it’s capabilities are promising.


  1. Yoga Tablet 3 Pro

With powerful speakers and the ability to project cinema-like video onto any surface, this tablet doubles as the perfect portable projector. Presentations and business meeting made easy, no need to rely on the bulky (and often outdated) projector in the room, and no limitation for those on the go or on the road.


  1. Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug

This smart plug uses your Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of your lights or appliances through your smartphone, simply connect your device to the smart plug and then into an electrical outlet, no installation required. This device can be integrated with Amazon’s Alexa, giving you the ability to use voice control instead of your phone.


  1. Satechi Multiport Adapter

This sleek device expands the number of ports and slots on your laptop computer. It provides 4k HDMI video output, SD/Micro SD card readers USB 3.9 type A Ports and passthrough Type-C charging, to avoid any connection for all your connection needs.


  1. iKlips Duo +

This smartphone flash drive enable you to transfer files from one device to another in a safe and secure manner, there’s no internet access so your data is never sent through third parties. It also doubles as extra storage if you’re running out of space in your smartphone.


  1. Sonos Wireless Speakers

This wireless sound systems allows you to fill as many rooms as you desire with high quality audio without the hassle of cables. Their app allows speakers to be connected and to play the same audio through various rooms or a large space, or can be programmed to different stations. Ideal for business who need a sound system but don’t want to deal with cables or installing a sound system.


  1. Satechi Laptop Stand

This lightweight and portable provides comfort and organization no matter where your go. Using a laptop stand will  position your device at a better angle, thus providing a better posture and avoiding neck, pain and wrist pain. It will also keep your laptop cool and prevent overheating.

Alejandra Ottley is a Bermuda-based, 22-year-old writer and digital content creator; a millennial “growing up” in the digital era. She is inquisitive, analytical and passionate about showcasing the uniqueness of Bermudian lifestyle.

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