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Spring Cleaning

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One day Krystal Patrice had the sudden idea to help others like her who have once found themselves in a “messy” situation.

The self-proclaimed de-muddler started her business ‘Minus the Muddle’ back in April 2016 and it has been booming ever since.

“I used to be a pack rat when I was younger,” she said.

“When I moved out of my parents house I realised I had too much stuff! From there I became very conscious, getting rid of things while being aware of what I buy when shopping. Then I thought ‘hey! There’s probably other people out here like me”.

Clients have called Krystal to de-muddle closets, kitchens, living rooms, garages and more while providing tips and advice to stay organised.

“They call, we have a conversation based on their needs, then I schedule a viewing. Once I have an idea of the task at hand I come back on the weekend and together from start to finish we go through all of your belongings to see what you do and do not need,” Krystal said.

Recognizing that most people have a fear to go through the things they’ve accumulated over the years,

Currently in New York, Krystal is working on a system to help people back home in Bermuda though a video course. She also uploads regularly on her social media.

10 Spring Cleaning Tips by Minus the Muddle

1. Scrub down the trash bin

Drop some dishwashing liquid on the inside and the outside of the bin. Use a hose to rinse out the inside and scrub down the outside with a disposable sponge. Dry in sun.

2. Clean the shower liner 

Throw the liner into the washing machine with a few towels to scrub it, then hang it back up to dry.

3. Vacuum the perimeter

Go corner to corner, room to room with the vacuum nozzle, get those stray dust bunnies!

4. Wipe down the ceiling fan blades

Spray cleaner directly onto a blade, covering the dust, then wipe down the blade with a rag to toss later. Repeat once more with a cleaner cloth.

5. Give your curtains life

Throw your drapes into the dryer for 15 minutes with a slight damp cloths. Fluff out and hang back up.

6. Check the refrigerator’s coils

Dust and lint sticks to the protective grill of the refrigerator’s condensers coils and the coils themselves. Give them a slight brushing with a long handled brush and vacuum.

7. Clean the screens 

With a piece of old carpet rub the screen to remove the dirt and dust.

8. Iron off the residue

Warm up your iron, on the cotton setting, and iron over a light bed of salt on top of a sheet of paper. After a few runs, unplug the iron and wipe clean when cooled.

9. Dishwashers need cleaning too 

Pour a cup of white vinegar in the bottom of the empty unit and run a heavy cycle. Then sprinkle a cup of banking soda in the bottom and leave overnight. Run an empty cycle in the morning.

10. Give the broom a bath

Throw on some gloves and scrub the bristles together in some soapy warm water. Turn upside to dry and store.


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