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DIY: Tie-dye towel or t-shirt

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Ages 8-10


  • T-shirt or Towel (100% cotton)
  • Liquid fabric dye
  • Rubber Gloves – To protect your hands from the dye.
  • Rubber bands or string to tie up the item you will be dyeing
  • Squirt or Spray Bottles – used to apply dye.
  • Long-Handles Utensil – An old spoon, B-B-Q tongs, etc. to stir the dye.
  • Salt – Used with dye to help make darker colors more vibrant.
  • Plastic Bag – Some dyes require the dyed item to sit in a plastic bag for approx. 24 hours.
  • Newspaper and/or Plastic Garbage Bag – Used to protect your work area.
  • Rags, Paper Towels, Cleanser – For quick cleanup.


  1. Twist your t-shirt to make the spiral design: Start out by laying your shirt flat on your work surface. Using your fingers,carefully pinch the center of your shirt. Slowly start twisting your t-shirt so it ends up being a spiral.
  2. Carefully wrap a couple rubber bands tightly around the outside of your t-shirt spiral. This will help it hold its shape while you are drying it.
  3. Cover your work area so the dye doesn’t stain it.
  4. Prepare your dye as directed by the manufacturer. You should carefully follow all instructions. While preparing the dye and dyeing your item, you should wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from staining and the hot water.
  5. Start dyeing! It is usually best to start with the lightest color if you are using more than one color. Rinse or wait between colours.
  6. Wash with cold water with like coloured items or alone to avoid bleeding.

Have fun!

This article was featured in the 2018 edition of the RG Kids Magazine.

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