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RG Mags American Football Pick ‘em Grand Prize Winner

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After many months of competitive play, the RG MAGS first-ever American Football Fantasy Pick’em pool is officially over. RG MAGS would like to thank everyone who participated. It was a great success thanks to much enthusiasm and support from all involved.

While there were many winners along the way, one Grand Prize winner has won the purse that includes two round-trip tickets to Boston, two ticket vouchers to use at the Gillette Stadium, two nights stay at a 3-star hotel and $500 in cash for food and additional entertainment.

Congratulations to Michael Terceia for being the lucky name pulled from the 200 entries that qualified to be in the raffle.  Special thanks goes to the following sponsors: Auto Solutions, JetBlue and Dunkley’s. Without their support, this series would have not been possible.

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