Update your man cave

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Gone are the days of a man’s home filled with second-hand furniture and a beer fridge, the new man spaces are taking design to a whole new level.

“Man spaces are becoming really popular as guys are looking to design their own space where they can relax,” explains Steven Faries, owner and designer at Exclusive Home.

Now the furniture is modern and practical with leather as the fabric of choice and pieces that are both modern and trendy but also comfortable. Instead of big sectionals, guys are choosing smaller pieces to make seating areas that can be multifunctional – whether for a man space that features bars and game tables or for their living spaces.

“I’m seeing a lot of sophisticated men in their 30s looking to design their spaces,” Steven said. “The rustic modern look is very popular and what men really like.”

Pieces that have been popular include furniture that can transition into other pieces such as a card or games table, bars, model planes and cars, signs and artwork featuring automobiles.

According to Steven, “the accents are what really make the room.”

Get the Look

Exclusive Home is filled with tons of rustic modern pieces perfectly suited to design a comfortable man space. From couches to coffee tables and accents to help get that modern look, there are options to design a complete room or add to the pieces you already have.

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