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Men need somewhere to call their own

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Years ago, when my husband and I bought our house, we made a decorating agreement.  I would be in charge of picking colours for the entire house with the exception of the bedroom.  My husband could paint and decorate that space in any way he liked.

I will save you the suspense – our bedroom walls have been beige (more specifically Mr Sandman) for the past nine years and will probably stay that way for the next…well…forever.  It’s not my favourite colour, but it’s important for my husband to have his own space so I’ve resisted the urge to paint the walls for a better part of a decade.

Not all us have a spare room we can dedicate to a man cave but you can still create a space any guy would be proud to hang out in.  Start with a rich wall paint colour – even if your room is small.  It will help the space feel cozy (in a manly way, of course) and relaxing.  Choose moody colours like steel blue, charcoal grey or cement green.

If you DO have a media/game room, try painting the walls and ceiling the same dramatic shade.  Surrounding yourself with colour will minimize contrast and soothe the eyes.  Remember to use a flat finish to minimize glare from the lighting and television.

What are some of my favourite man-cave colours?

Chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time in your man-space sitting down so pick comfortable seating.  A nice leather couch is an investment but it will last you for decades and only get softer with age!  Often we fall into the trap of buying something because we like the style or colour but don’t consider that comfort should also rank high on the list.  Same goes for armchairs!  Pick something you can lounge in while watching a movie or reading a good book.

Wood is manly.  It’s rough and rugged and will make your man feel like a mighty lumberjack.  It also adds warmth to a room so incorporate large bookcases, tables or even paneling in rich mahogany, teak or cedar.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on exotic materials.   Even budget friendly wood like pine can look stunning with a couple coats of wood stain.  Recycle old wooden palettes and use them to create an accent wall or furniture.

Keep the lighting soft.  You don’t need to perform surgery in your man cave so skip the florescent high wattage bulbs.  Instead layer overhead lighting with table/floor lamps and look for warm white lightbulbs with a golden glow.

When decorating – keep it simple.  Leave out the frilly pillows, ornate curtains and flowery vases.  Keep patterns to a minimum and if you do use prints stick to a geometric design in a monochrome pattern.  Don’t forget A BIG television.

Karolina and her husband Justin De Costa took over Rowe Spurling Paint Company in 2007 after the senior De Costas, Pamela and Neviile, retired.  Both Karolina and Justin studied theatre at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.  This gave them a foundation in architecture and design while helping to fuel their creative endeavors.  They continue to evolve Bermuda’s oldest paint store, providing the latest in coatings technology as well as inspiring their customers in their own home and professional projects.

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