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The Sound of Silence is stunning

Electric bike makes you feel like a superhero on the way to fight crime
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Silence S01-Plus | $6,995 | Scooter Mart

The Silence S01-Plus is a beast of a motorcycle. OK, it’s not exactly a superbike, and most would describe it as a mild-mannered scooter, but believe you me, this bike can fly!

Two-wheeled vehicle enthusiast, master salesman and proprietor of Scooter Mart, Nick Thompson, described the Silence S01-Plus as “a weapon” – making a special note that I can quote him on that!

Of course, if you know anything about motorcycle culture in Bermuda, you already know what “a weapon” means. If you’re not quite sure what Mr Thompson meant by that, keep reading.

There’s very little on earth that can compete with a breezy ride down a scenic Bermuda road. I was fortunate enough to enjoy one of those very rides when I went to test ride the Silence S01- Plus on an unexpectedly nice day about a week before the official start of spring.

Mr Thompson gushed over the bike from the first moment I met him until the last moment I was in his presence; and rightfully so! This is no lightweight motorcycle. It’s an amazingly smooth, stunningly understated marvel of electronic innovation and general awesomeness.

The ride itself was spectacular. Nick allowed me to ride his own Silence, which he is clearly very happy with. When a salesman uses a particular product available in his catalogue, take note!

My first moment of awe came when I got on the bike and Mr Thompson said to be careful with the throttle because the bike was already on. He had turned it on with the App on his phone, and I duly accused him of showing off!

The awe wasn’t because he turned the bike on with his phone though – it was how quiet the bike was. There was NO noise coming from this bike, and when I gently turned the throttle and it pulled forward, I just looked at Nick and laughed. This bike was already one of the coolest things

I have ever operated in Bermuda. I eased the bike out of the lot, and made my way out of Lover’s Lane in Paget, up Rural Hill and over Stowe Hill. Once I got on Harbour Road, it was on! At the risk of getting a call from the

BPS, I got up over 70kph on Harbour Road and never felt any pushback from the bike. Yes, the Silence S01-Plus is, indeed, a weapon.

Soon I was thinking that the bike should be called Whistling Wind, because that is all I heard as I matriculated west on Harbour Road. The bike made absolutely no noise. It was like riding a miniaturised stealth bomber!

I’m sure at some point I felt like Batman. The ride absolutely makes you feel like a superhero.

That’s probably why Mr Thompson rides one himself. We all want to feel like a superhero. Maybe it was the striking matte black paint that made me think of Batman. Whatever the case, riding the Silence definitely gave me the sensation that, when I arrive at my destination, I should fight some crime!

The Silence is an electric bike, so I threw my head back and laughed every time I passed a gas station, which was probably a dangerous thing for me to do. Mr Thompson had removed the battery and wheeled it away like carry-on luggage to demonstrate how easy it is to charge the battery. That just made me shake my head.

GPS tracking, App control, enough under-seat space to transport a small child – but don’t use it for that! – the Silence S01-Plus is an absolute monster of a motorcycle.

If you have any interest in going green, and you’d like to own a ridiculously cool, virtually theft- proof, gas-free, rolling stealth bomber – the Silence S01-Plus needs to be your next bike!

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