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Celebrate Spinach

This versatile vegetable is a great addition to a healthy diet
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National Spinach Day is on March 26, making it the perfect time to talk to an expert about the benefits of spinach and how you can incorporate some of Bermuda’s home-grown spinach into your diet.

Doreen Williams-James is an herbalist and founder of Wild Herbs n Plants of Bermuda. She offers a variety of “forage for food” experiences, hosts cooking classes, dinners and more. She knows a thing or two about spinach and its many benefits.

“Spinach is a nutrient-rich, low-calorie plant with a high concentration in water,” explains Williams-James.

Some of the most remarkable health benefits include:

  • Increases muscle strength and bone health
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps with diabetes control
  • Fights cancer
  • Improves hair, nails and skin health; and
  • Is good for eye health and eyesight

You might be used to shopping for spinach in the produce section of your local grocery store, but wild spinach is plentiful in Bermuda, too. Of course, Williams-James knows just what it looks like and where to find it.

“In Bermuda, we have wild spinach, also known as New Zealand Spinach. This is a bushy, fast-growing perennial with fuzzy, triangular leaves. The spinach that grows in Bermuda is organic, with no pesticides or chemicals. It loves growing in sandy areas along the beaches.”

Since it grows from January to April, this is the time to look for it. “Many beaches on the

North shore and South shore have spinach growing,” she says. “One great thing is if you take it and plant it in your garden at home it will grow and produce lots of spinach.”

Williams-James uses her bounty in salads, smoothies and savoury dishes cooked with vegetable and quinoa. (See one of her favourite recipes below.) In honour National Spinach Day, she will be celebrating with a “forage and feast” at Wild Herbs n Plants of Bermuda. “I will be doing an herbal tour and serving vegan tasters all made with spinach.”

For more information visit https://wildherbsnplantsofbda. com/.

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