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5. Marshall Diel & Myers

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Founded: 1989

Employees: 26

Male/Female ratio: 42% – 58%

Bermudian/Non-Bermudian ratio: 89% – 11%

Staff turnover (2017): 4%

Marshall Diel & Myers has proved itself to be a truly outstanding employer, having taken top honours in the Top Ten Employers awards in 2016 and second place last year.

The Hamilton law firm prides itself on creating a warm and friendly working atmosphere that allows its employees to focus fully on the job and not be distracted by the negative factors that can plague a place of employment.

As one staff member stated in the survey: “They say you spend more time with your colleagues at work than your family. I am lucky enough to have my family at home and at work”.

The pleasant office atmosphere is not an accident –– it is a deliberately nurtured culture. As the company stated in the survey: “MDM treats its staff as family. All are valued for the roles that they play.

“As a result, the working environment is relaxed and friendly –– resulting in everybody giving their best to their work. Our staff rarely leave and our longstanding staff work together to achieve the same objective – to service our clients to their satisfaction.”
The firm made none of its staff redundant during the economic downturn of recent years and said it had expanded some office roles to make redundancy unnecessary.

Employees speak of a workplace in which their views are sought and listened to.

One staff member said: “The culture of the firm lends to diversity and unity. All are a part of the process and we each bring different views, cultures, and backgrounds that aid in providing well-rounded services to the Bermuda public”.
Though a small firm, MDM does offer its own scholarship to law students, worth $15,000 per year, as well as some discretionary bursaries. The firm further encourages young people by offering internships that give law students paid work experience.

What employees said:

“The company treats each person as an individual thereby making us feel valued within the organisation. The work-life balance is perfect”.

“Staff are free to express concerns about issues openly to the GM or the office manager, both of whom are very approachable”.

“MDM is the nicest place I have worked. Everyone works hard but we also look after everyone”.​

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