2021 RG Top Ten Employers Awards Countdown

Introduction: 2021 RG Top Ten Employers Awards

After a pandemic related hiatus in 2020, the RG Business Top Ten Employers Awards returned for its twelfth edition and the 10th year with our title sponsor PwC. We have provided you this short introduction from Jonathan Howes CEO of BPHL (RG parent company) and PwC’s Territory Leader Arthur Wightman. The awards are produced in partnership with Global Research, and in 2019 BHRA joined as sponsor of the Diversity Award also handed out as part of the celebrations.

FedEx #1

FedEx has a philosophy based on the idea that by treating its own people well, it can generate a positive feedback loop that will ensure the business performs well.

Frontier #2

Frontier is a valued employer in Bermuda, as of April 30, 2021, since the onset of the pan¬demic, they have placed a total of 14 Bermudians in full-time jobs with clients, including three working as consultants with Frontier being hired directly by clients.

Sobur Ltd, White Horse Pub and Restaurant #3

Hospitality veteran Dennie O’Connor took over as owner of the venerable St George’s pub in February 2021. Sobur, whose staff is 85 per cent Bermudian, values its quality em¬ployees and has sought to expand their skill-sets.

Meritus Trust Company Ltd #4

Meritus believes, to be successful in the trust business requires, apart from expertise in trust structures, the sensitivity and emotional intelligence to connect with client families and to help them carry out the intention of their legacies through generations.

Warwick Academy #5

Warwick Academy’s strong culture and spirit of togetherness has helped it to navigate one of the most testing periods in its 359-year history. Working on a lean budget, the school cut costs and all staff took a pay freeze to ensure no one was laid off.

Carey Olsen #6

Founded in 2018 by Bermudian lawyer Michael Hanson, Carey Olsen is one of the new breed of international law firms to have entered the Bermuda market in recent years. The Bermuda operation, which has grown to a staff of 31.

Horseshoe/Artex #7

Horseshoe was born in Bermuda in 2005. In 2019, it was acquired by Artex, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co’s wholly-owned subsidiary for alternative risk and captives. Horseshoe has retained the values that fueled its success as a fast-growing start-up and a culture that is open to change and fresh thinking.

Lancashire Insurance Company Ltd. #8

The re/ insurance firm, which launched on the island in 2005, takes good care of its employees and has instilled a caring culture. The company said its efforts to retain staff have included a greater focus on wellness benefits.

Catalina Holdings Bermuda Ltd. #9

Catalina has grown its team in Bermuda by 27 per cent over the past year and now has 23 employees. After consultation with its staff, Catalina has drawn up a list of core company values: integrity, agility, collabora¬tion, empowerment, expertise and being driven.

Liberty Specialty Markets Bermuda Ltd #10

One of the notable things about the insurer is its penchant for attracting local talent, with Bermudians making up two-thirds of its staff and women nearly as big a proportion.


Celebrating PwC for their the 10-year anniversary as title sponsor, the 2021 RG Business Top Ten Employers programme is excited to honour the sponsors, partners and participants by focusing on longevity and commitment. The basis of these the Top Ten Employers Awards is to acknowledge organisations in Bermuda that are hitting the mark when it comes to employee engagement and satisfaction as well as talent retention.

Participation is FREE and all companies with 20+ employees are welcome to enter.


  • One survey must be completed by the Organisation’s management. This survey simply profiles the Organisation’s size, age, industry, etc.
  • 50% of the Organisation’s employees must complete the employee survey. The employee survey reviews overall employee satisfaction.
  • Surveys are conducted by our partners at Global Research.
  • Both management & employee surveys must be completed by Friday, July 16th.
  • All Participants will be contacted in August with final results.
  • Please note, Organisations who make the Top Ten will not be told their ranking until the awards ceremony which will be held in September.


  • A brief summary of their results with an option to purchase a full report.


  • A profile in the Fall 2021 RG Business Magazine highlighting the reasons your Organisation received its ranking.
  • An invite to a special awards ceremony (10 employees/organisation).
  • An award noting your Organisation’s ranking.
  • Mention in all 2021 Top Ten Awards Invitations & Announcements.
  • A brief summary of their results with the option to purchase a full report.


  1. Carey Olsen Bermuda
  2. Fedex
  3. Frontier Financial Services
  4. ABS Ltd.
  5. Horseshoe Group
  6. Warwick Academy
  7. Bacardi
  8. Lancashire Insurance
  9. Fireminds
  10. Athene


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call 278.0105. We look forward to hearing from you!


Bermuda Press Holdings Limited and RG Business magazine wishes to thank our valued Partners for providing the support to make the Bermuda Top Ten Employers programme possible:


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Use of Data & Confidentiality – Top 10 Employers in Bermuda

 Global Research is responsible for the data collection, archiving, analysis and reporting of the following data collected as a part of the Top 10 Employers in Bermuda competition:

Employer Information Survey data. This is data derived from a survey in which each participating organisation provides information about the demographic composition of their organisations, HR benefits, philanthropic and educational initiatives and other information that makes their company stand out from others in Bermuda.

Employment Satisfaction Survey data. The employees of participating companies complete employment satisfaction and engagement surveys to determine employment satisfaction and engagement across key areas such as workplace conditions, relationship with management, communication, compensation/benefits and overall employment satisfaction and employment loyalty.

Global Research only shares information derived from the Employer Information Survey and Employment Satisfaction Survey with The Royal Gazette for entrants who become Top 10 awardees and all information is strictly confidential. The information is only used by The Royal Gazette to write a positive story about the Top 10 awardees. 

 Companies competing in the competition can purchase the aggregated employment satisfaction scores of their organisation from Global Research (in the form of a professional report) but cannot gain access by way of purchase or any other means to the data of any other organisations.

 Global Research and The Royal Gazette agree not to use or share the information in any way other than to determine the Top 10 Employers in Bermuda and to write a positive story about the top 10 awardees.

 Global Research and The Royal Gazette agree not to publish or share any of the collected employment satisfaction data or employer information with anyone outside of their organisations except for the purpose of writing a positive story about the Top 10 awardees.

 For more information regarding the confidentiality of the RG Business Top Ten Employers, feel free to contact Global Research at 441.705.7655.